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Tarot Analytics’ optimisation experts consult with your business to design and supply custom optimisation solutions.
Our flexible, cloud based, optimisation tools integrate with your existing business platforms to decrease expenses, reduce ecological footprint and increase customer satisfaction.

Optimisation Solutions



Procurement from multiple suppliers can be complicated. Inefficient buying practices can cost your business and your customers.
Optimise to reduce costs and create an ecologically friendly supply chain.

Delivery and Fleet optimisation

Use optimisation to drive more efficiency from your fleet. Tarot Routing offers simple yet comprehensive route optimisation for a variety of use cases. Need something more specific? Integrate with the Tarot Routing API or contact us for a custom solution.

Rostering and Schedulling

Quickly and easily set dynamic rosters for your staff or other business assets.
Improve employee happiness by considering both their constraints and their preferences.

Tarot Routing

Simpler Route Optimisation

Automate planning

Tarot Routing automates your businesses planning –
taking the constraints of your business into account Tarot Routing displays your all jobs for the day before allocating them to the right drivers in the right order.

Spend less time driving

Tarot Routing puts your drivers in the right place at the right time. Optimised routes can improve driver performance by more than 15%.

Track Progress

Use Tarot Routing to give your customers accurate ETAs, view job status in real time, collect proof of deliveries, and generate concise end of day summaries.

Tarot Routing on Laptop

The bottom line: You reduce your cost-per-delivery.

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Tarot Routing API

  • Simple

    Simple, intuitive, JSON API calls with explicit feedback for invalid requests.

  • Integrated

    Seamlessly integrate route optimisation into your existing workflow

  • Documented

    Clear, concise documentation. Make your first call immediately.

  • Powerful

    Access all the routing features available in Tarot Routing to augment your current system



Jesse Treharne

Co-Founder, CTO and Algorithms Expert

Need something optimised? Just ask Jesse. This guy can whip up an API in no time and solve your business problems with the help of some seriously cool tech.

Simon Webb

Co-Founder and CEO

Got a business problem? Speak to Simon. He’s the guy who steers the ship and keeps everyone here focused on the most important thing: our users.

Ashish Belwase

Back-End Developer

Need a reliable and scalable software system? Ask Ashish. He can improve everything from deployment processes to security best practices and software architecture.

Victor Temprano

Front-End and Mapbox Preferred Developer

Got a great idea? Tell Victor what you want, and he’ll create something better than you imagined in no time at all. A social activist and UX genius who develops products users love.